What is All Pairs?

It’s an app designed specifically for you who do not want to miss new sneaker releases, restocks or the best deals and offers on your favorite sneakers.

How does it work?

We collaborate with a wide range of retailers across Europe, all of which sell sneakers. By doing that, we can collect all new releases in the app so you always know where and when the sneakers release. At the same time you can also receive push messages as soon as a shoe comes back in stock or when the price drops.

Are all the products genuine?

Yes, they are. We hate fake sneakers as much as you. So all of our partners are carefully selected so we can ensure that you only receive legitimate products as well as the best service.

When is the next sale?

A sale can start at all times of the day. But instead of sitting and waiting for it, you can enable sales messages inside the app so you’ll get a heads up when sales from the biggest retailers and brands begin.

I have an idea for the app – Do you want to hear it?

Our entire universe is about helping you and the rest of our users. So if you have an idea or suggestions on how to improve our app, please feel free to contact us here: Feedback

Do I have to pay to use the app?

No, the All Pairs app is completely free. You don’t have to pay for it. There is also no monthly subscription fee.

But how do you earn money to keep the app running?

As described before, the app does not cost you anything. This applies when you download it and all the time you use it. It will always be free for you.

In order to maintain the app and make it as good as possible for you as a user, we use affiliate marketing on our links to the partners and shops.

Do I pay extra for my sneakers then?

No. Our cut from affiliate marketing is paid by the partners and shops. So you don’t pay any extra fees for your sneakers when you buy them through the All Pairs app. However, there is a greater chance of buying your favorite sneakers cheaper through the app, as we’re constantly searching for the best prices on sneakers.